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                          Hello, welcome to Changsha talent machinery equipment co., LTD.

                          • 0731-87953639
                          • hn_talent@163.com


                          SERVICES AND ADVANTAGES


                          ABOUT OUR COMPANY

                          Changsha talent Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a research &development, production and sailing of engineering machinery parts enterprise. It mainly serves for construction machinery enterprises such as ZOOMLION, SANY and so on, company always adhere to the technological innovation of “wear-resisting pipe” since our company has been founded. after thousands of process improvement and nearly 10000 times the experimental optimization, investing a total of 15 million yuan of funds for scientific research in past 8 years, Talent has made creative breakthrough on the technology of wear-resisting pipe manufacturing, successfully developed a new-style wear-resisting pipe structure and manufacturing technology. Developing a new-style wear-resisting elbow pipe, wear-resisting straight pipe, wear-resisting special pipe .now, our wear-resisting elbow pipe technology has been applied and got more than 50 patents inside China. Talent also applied patents in European, USA, Japan, and so on.

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                          OUR PARTNERS
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